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A Smile and Gratitude for Kimberly in Florida RNG #36

By janabozeman

Dear Kimberly,

You hold in your hands A Random Note of Gratitude – a simple gesture from a woman you don’t know, reaching out to say thank you for being in this world and making a difference. I certainly have those moments when I feel like I’m not making an impact – like I’m just passing the days. More than once, it has been the beautiful smile and kind words of a stranger passing me by that has pulled me out of my head and back into the present moment, reminding me that life is truly a gift and that I have so much to be grateful for. So for all of the smiles you have given to strangers, for lending a hand to friends, and for wrapping your heart around loved ones, I am sending a smile your way. Thank you for being an amazing woman Kimberly!

With Gratitude,

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