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A Random Note About Random Notes and Janafesting

Dear Reader,

An actress, writer, yogi, and displaced Colorado girl, I found myself in the undeniable throes of an existential crisis while driving to yet another commercial audition in the cement wilds of Los Angeles in the spring of 2012. I’d thrown ample energy and resources into figuring it all out, Janafesting as it were, yet I still found myself at a complete loss. Indeed, I had much to be grateful for, but daily gratitude lists left something to be desired. Pondering my utter lack of gratitude, I chuckled aloud as I thought about the fact that I had just received half a dozen thank you notes for thank you notes I had sent. I have always loved the art of writing letters and notes and it struck me as kind of sad that there were probably thousands of individuals out there that have never received handwritten notes in the mail. And that’s when it hit me. You should start the Random Notes of Gratitude Project Jana!

I didn’t know what it was but I couldn’t let the idea go. Within a couple weeks my first weekly Random Note of Gratitude was sent. Quite simply, it’s a note that I send to a person I don’t know, thanking him/her for being alive. Trust me when I say it’s like a gratitude list to the multiple of one hundred, in that my Random Notes of Gratitude to strangers help me to feel connected and alive and remind me that our similarities as humans are a great deal more compelling than our differences.

Whilst sending out well over a hundred Random Notes of Gratitude, I have also been working on compiling a database of all kinds of notes for all kinds of occasions. Some of these are real notes that I have sent to friends and acquaintances while others are simply made up. I recognize that not everyone enjoys writing thank you notes, even if they have the sense they should. How-to’s abound in cyberspace, but if you’re anything like me, actually seeing something is a great deal more helpful when it comes to penning something of one's own. I encourage you to browse around the site, get ideas, and perhaps even steal my notes. That’s right! As I continue to further develop, organize, and create RNG, you have my permission to use my words!

And should there be a type of note you would like to see, if you know of someone that could use a Random Note of Gratitude, if YOU could use a Random Note of Gratitude please drop me a line at jana@randomnotesofgratitude.com. I’m delighted to share my notes with you and welcome any insights, inspirations, and ideas you may have.

With Gratitude,