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Santa Baby Put A Boyfriend Under The Tree

Dear Santa 1 Modified  Dear Santa Two Modified

Dear Santa,

My needs are pretty simple and I haven’t sent you a letter in years so I hope you will take my requests into consideration.

I want a fantastic boyfriend.
I want handstand in the middle of the room.
I want a ridiculously fun co-star on some ridiculously fun show.
I want to grow www.randomnotesofgratitude.com into…something!!!
I want to sleep at night when I’m supposed to. With my boyfriend. Obviously.

I know what you are thinking Santa. “Jana Lynn, there is NOTHING simple about this list!”

Which is why I am more than willing to settle for an ugly Christmas Sweater. Find me the ugliest, luckiest Christmas Sweater out there Santa and it will remind me that I’ve got some work to do in the year ahead (see above list).

As always, I thank you for being Father Christmas, for spreading joy and cheer to the lives of most, and for your efforts to help keep the world economy strong. Fly safe Santa!


P.S. If you can’t find an ugly sweater a tacky sweatshirt with a coyote on it would work too. I’m not sure, but I think that may be my spirit animal.