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Cantankerous Old Man Gratitude

Dear Emil,

This Random Note of Gratitude is being sent to you because you share a name with my late great grandpa. Some of my earliest memories are about visits with him. According to my parents he was as cantankerous as they come and they couldn’...

A Fire Dragon Thank You to Staci

Dear Staci,

It was so fun having dinner with you and Fari last week. We really do need to make more of a habit of it! Thank you for the cute Lulu headband to kick off the Chinese New Year! The Dragon!!! And as it turns out, I am a fire dragon, so...

Thanks You Ruth for The Artist's Way and Mindfulness Practice

Dear Ruth,

A little blast from the past and a simple little note to say thank you! I have no idea if you even remember who I am – it has probably been over a decade since I worked with you – but that’s of no import. You came into my life (via my...

Thank You Note From Family About to Experience Exponential Chaos

Dear Sally & Derek,

We just received your beautiful care package in the mail and are writing to send a huge thank you your way. It was such an unexpected surprise and it completely made our day! You can never have enough onesies, socks, and...

Expectant Single Mother Expresses Thanks for Baby Shower

Dear Erica,

Thank you for hosting such a beautiful and fun baby shower in my honor. You really outdid yourself and I feel so lucky to have such an amazing and thoughtful friend. The musical mobile from you and Tim is my favorite gift! I already...

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