Random Notes of Gratitude Email_cover

Catherine A Star in the City of Angels

By janabozeman

Dear Catherine,

Though we don’t know each other, I have it on good word that you are an amazing woman…selfless to a fault, generous with your time and resources, and always willing to lend a hand to those in your life that may be in need. You have been a friend, support and even a mentor and though these actions might not seem like much to you, they speak volumes about the kind of person you are. It is for all of this that I am sending you this Random Note of Gratitude. Thank you Catherine for being the kind of woman that shows up. You can’t even begin to appreciate the positive impact this has had on those whose lives you have touched. By being you, you have indeed made this world a brighter, better place to be.

picture of handwritten gratitude note

With love and gratitude,

Pay it forward!
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