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From One Jana to Another

By janabozeman

Long overdue but a very significant RNG! This went to Jana in Hawaii back in April 2013

Dear Jana,

Over a year ago, inspired by a quirky little idea that popped into my quirky little brain, I started sending a weekly Random Note of Gratitude to a woman I don’t know. I wanted to put something heartfelt, sweet, and unexpected out into the world, just because. I committed to a year of notes and figured I would hit all the states. There have been a few repeats, but this note is significant in that it completes that cycle, though I plan to continue this process as it brings me a lot of perspective and joy. And though we are strangers, this note is extra special in that I have chosen you because we share a name! I suppose you have some delicious quirks of your own, so from one Jana to another, I send this Random Note of Gratitude, thanking you for those! For being on this planet, for sharing who you are as only you can, for loving, laughing, crying and everything in between you have my heartfelt gratitude! May you sparkle and shine as only a Jana like you can!

With love and aloha,

Random Note of Gratitude to Jana in Hawaii