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Gratitude With A Southern Drawl

By janabozeman

Dear Katherine,

I just spent a beautiful week in the south! Having just returned to Los Angeles last night and feeling a bit blue about it, I was fortunate to have lunch with my good friend Katherine today. And that is how I came to select you to be recipient #30 of a Random Note of Gratitude! It’s a little project I have undertaken to put some love and joy out into the world. To be perfectly honest though, it seems to put a great deal of love and joy into my own heart! I don’t know a thing about you, Katherine who lives in Alabama, but I’d bet money on the fact that you make a huge difference in the lives of those you touch amongst your family and friends. I’ll just bet your lovely smile has cheered many a stranger’s day, your cheery “Hello!” - perhaps with a southern drawl - been music to their ears! For putting these kind gifts out into the world, for sharing a piece of who you are, I express to you my gratitude and thanks!


image of gratitude note to Katherine in Alabama


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