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Hero's Journey Joseph Campbell

By janabozeman

What's your Hero's Journey?

picture of handwritten Random Note of Gratitude to Joseph Campbell Oxon Hill Marylan

Dear Joseph,

Another well known and much loved Joseph Campbell said, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are." It is with that beautiful thought and its author in mind that I have found you, another JC to send this Random Note of Gratitude to. Not unlike every other human being on this planet you have a story. Though its themes may not be entirely original, it is made unique by the simple truth that it is YOUR personal story and mythology Joseph. So for what it’s worth coming from a woman you don’t know, creating her own story, I would like to say thank you for pursuing your hero’s journey and for weaving it into the glorious, tragic, and breathtaking tapestry called humanity.

With gratitude,

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Joseph Campbell