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How Many Breaths in A Lifetime August Francis?

By janabozeman

Dear August,

Inspired by a beautiful little man named August who just made his first appearance into the world, I am sending you this Random Note of Gratitude. None of us knows how many breaths we will have, but from our first inhale to our last exhale, we are in a constant state of learning, growing, changing, and creating. The innocence of a baby just born is an easy reminder of the precious gift that life is. That being said, life doesn’t always feel like an easy gift. Our breathing may be automatic, but the way we show up in this world is a choice. Since your very first inhale August, you have been making an impact, and you will continue to bless the world with your presence, however that may look, until your final exhale. For all the ways you have been YOU August, for those you have loved, for your hopes, dreams, and heartaches, I would like to say thank you.

With love and gratitude,

Rng #71 August In Illinois Modified



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