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Kim Then and Now

By janabozeman

This Random Note of Gratitude was featured in the arts section of  The Maine Daily on August 31, 2014.  Check it out here!

Dear Kim,

Perhaps you are wondering how this Random Note of Gratitude has randomly arrived in your hands? A few days ago I ran a half marathon with my mom, which made her reflect on the many races she has run over the years, particularly her first Bolder Boulder with her best friend, a woman that shares the same name as you. Reminiscing got me thinking about Kim too. She was such a warm and wonderful lady – an amazing mom, wife and friend, who tragically passed way before her time. Thinking about her has inspired me to honor her memory in some small way, so with love for the beautiful being that Kim was, I send you this Random Note of Gratitude for the beautiful being that you are. Thank you for being you Kim – for laughing, loving, and living your life to the fullest!

Warmest regards,

gratitude note to stranger Kim Williamson

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