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Let's Hear it For the Boys

By janabozeman

After a year plus of gratitude for women, it was time to send some gratitude to the guys! RNG #57 was inspired by one of my favorites of all time, my grandpa Harold Eggers.

Dear Harold,

For over a year I have been sending a weekly Random Note of Gratitude to a woman that I don’t know. Having finally hit all the states – some of them twice even! – I have been asking myself the question, what next? It occurred to me that the men of the world might enjoy some random appreciation, gratitude, and love as well. So inspired by a man that I loved dearly - a stand up guy if ever there was one – I sought out another man named Harold E. like my late grandfather, to send this Random Note of Gratitude to. I don’t know you of course, but for all of the ways you have been a stand up guy, for those you have supported, encouraged, and loved, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. For someone somewhere Harold, you have definitely made a difference!

Happy Spring!

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See the Random Quote of Gratitude my grandpa always said here.

What man made a difference in your life? Share about him in the comments below!



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