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Live Your Days Inspired Anew

By janabozeman

Dear Lydia,

I recently saw the story of a remarkable young woman on Dateline NBC which is why I am sending this, my weekly Random Note of Gratitude, to you, another Lydia in another place. Dateline Lydia nearly had her life taken from her in the most brutal way, yet against all odds managed to hold on and thrive though her battle has been long and arduous. Most amazing to me, she found it in her heart to forgive the man who so violently assaulted her. She came up with an acronym for her name and yours! Live Your Days Inspired Anew. I may not know you Lydia – how you struggle, shine, love, and dream – but I do know that you are quite remarkable in your own right. Thanks for being amazing you Lydia and for showing up for your life every single day. May you live all your days inspired anew.

With gratitude,

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Check out the incredible woman who inspired this Random Note of Gratitude here.


Live Your Days Inspired Anew