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Love for Alyssa

By janabozeman

Late but not forgotten...RNG #55 to Alyssa sent in April 2013

Dear Alyssa,

I am writing to you, a complete stranger, to say thank you for fighting the good fight – thank you for being in this world. I began these weekly Random Notes of Gratitude a little over a year ago in an attempt to put something light-hearted and heartfelt out into the world – a world in which I feel it is becoming increasingly more challenging to feel connected. There are so many things that we are supposed to be doing, so many ways that we are trying to measure up, that we sometimes forget the importance of actively engaging in our lives – enjoying time with a loved one, taking in a sunset, or simply stopping for a moment to be with ourselves to acknowledge our innate beauty, creativity, and courage. So Alyssa, for the bravery and humanity of your own journey and for all the ways you connect, create, and appreciate in your life, I send you my love and gratitude.

Happy Spring,

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