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Love For Emily Bradfords Everywhere

By janabozeman

Dear Emily,

I am sending you this Random Note of Gratitude because you have the same name as another young woman I know who just lost her father. I have thought about her and all the things that I would like to tell her a lot lately. It seems particularly hard to find the right words in the midst of tragedy, but it has occurred to me that that which I would tell her is not that different from the words I express to individuals I don’t know in these weekly notes. So this is a love note for both of you and for all of the Emily Bradfords in the world. Amidst and even because of all of the tragedies that befall you and the hard lessons that come your way in this life, you are a beautiful woman. It’s easy to enjoy that on the sunny days, but try not to forget it during the stormier times too. You possess inner strength that can get you through anything and your existence on this planet is meaningful. Thank you for being you Emily…no one else could do it better!

With lots of love for a happy new year,

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