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Lucky Jones Triple Double

By janabozeman

Dear Lucky,

I have always had a thing for double and triple numbers. Call me superstitious, but I think it’s kind of lucky. Being that this the 111th weekly Random Note of Gratitude that I have sent out, it just felt right to send it to a man called Lucky. I certainly hope your name has served you well, but when it gets right down to it, our names are such a small part of who we are and have very little to do with how we choose to show up in our lives each and every day. It is for all the ways you show up, express who you are and contribute to your community and family - whatever that may look like - that I would like to say thank you. Whatever your beliefs and background Lucky, that you are you and on this planet is a very lucky thing indeed!

All the best,

Rng #111 Lucky In West Virginia Modified

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