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Moore Gratitude for Kelli

By janabozeman

I've had the pleasure of teaching yoga to a new client named Kelli Moore the past month or so.  She has inspired this Random Note of Gratitude, which is kind of fun because there are a lot of Kelli Moores in the world. Thanks to each and every one of you for being you!

Dear Kelli,

For no other reason than you share the same name as a woman I have recently become acquainted with, I am sending you this Random Note of Gratitude. The Kelli I know has had a rough go of it the past couple years but she has weathered the storm with fortitude and grace and every time we meet she always has a beautiful smile on her face. So! For the tough times you’ve been through, as well as the happy ones, and for wearing a beautiful smile of your own, I would like to say thank you! There may be a lot of Kelli Moores in the world but there is only one you and you are amazing! Sending you all the best!

With gratitude,

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