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Movie Awards Season Unsung Heroes Get Gratitude

By janabozeman

With the Hollywood Movie Awards Machine season officially upon us, A Random Note of Gratitude to all the unsung heroes and worker bees, without whose efforts the Streeps and DiCaprios, the Jonzes and Russels, the HBOs and NBCs, the Weinstein Companies and the Annupurna Pictures, would be completely, and utterly Oscar-less.

Image of end of movie credits

Dear Everyone Listed in the Credits at the End of Any Movie/TV Production Ever Made and Those in the Studio/Production Offices Working Just As Hard Without a Credit to Show for It,

The big name stars, directors, writers, producers, production companies, networks, and executives may be soaking up the limelight the next couple of months, and perhaps deservedly so at that, but that doesn’t make your unsung contributions and efforts any less important or real. In fact, without all of you doing the mundane, technical, financial,  promotional, preparatory, unglamorous, rigorous, etc. tasks – now and in decades past - Hollywood wouldn’t even exist and a Golden Globe would be nothing more than a designer paperweight.

It’s to all of you nameless laborers, saints, and much lesser known creatives that I send this Random Note of Gratitude, thanking you for your efforts and recognizing your immense contribution to an industry whose productions have in addition to sometimes causing reflection and a perspective shift in me, have also brought pure, unadulterated escapism and joy! That creative magic simply wouldn’t have been possible without you, to say nothing of the small economies that have also been built upon your backs!

I have often thought that there are two types of people in this world…those who leave the theater once the credits have begun to roll and those that happily and reverentially stay all the way until the end as a way of paying tribute to the hundreds and sometimes thousands of individuals that just made one’s entertainment possible. I am proud to count myself in the latter group and I commend you for your efforts!

With gratitude,


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