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  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Make the Most
    We are always our own best resource, most worthy project... Another Ralph Waldo Emerson quote that inspires here!  The Random Note of Gratitude inspired by this quote here! janabozeman
  • Make the Most of Yourself in New Hampshire
    Dear Arthur, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Make the most of yourself…for that is all there is of you.” It is with this thought in mind that I send you this Random Note of Gratitude, a weekly gesture I make to a stranger, to say thanks for being who you are. In a culture where we are bombarded with images of all it is that we are supposed to be, it’s sometimes hard to remember, appreciate, and love who it is that we actually are and to know that that is enough. So for what it’s worth Arthur, a woman you don’t know is sending gratitude from Colorado, thanking you for making the most of yourself and putting your best self out in the world. It isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. Thank you! All the best,Jana Pay it forward! Send a Random Note of Gratitude and share it on instagram @rngjana #randomnotesofgratitude or via our website or FB Page. janabozeman
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson Gratitude Quote
  • The Power of Love
    There's a lot of hurt and hatred in the world in the world right now.  I think we can do better.  janabozeman
  • Mother Teresa Great Love
    A powerful reminder from a small little woman whose tremendous love for her fellow man,  allowed her to do very great things indeed.  Another great quote from Mother Teresa here. It appears that the gritatude you were looking for has shown up here so many people giving thanks and hearts filled with gritatude for what you do here.So, to quote so many people here - Warmest Regards , enjoy , you inspire me , thanks , happy Thanksgiving, have a wonderful time away, happy and free , huge pat on the back , I hope you have a great Thanksgiving filled with people and activities that bring you joy! Thank you for everything you do on this website, and for the gift you give us through your writing. Enjoy your holiday. You’ve surely earned it. I think you are quite blessed to have so much support. Enjoy and like everyone else it is with much gritatude that I write/and copy this entry. janabozeman
  • Coco Chanel Girl Quote
    Seems like simple enough advice at first blush...so what's stopping you? janabozeman
  • Cherry Blossom Poppin'
    Everything is beginning to bloom out and it's absolutely lovely! Think of this as a Valentine's love note in April, from the one and only Pablo Neruda. I don't know about you, but I definitely have a bad case of spring fever. It turns out that spring is indeed the season for love, scientifically speaking.  Check out this piece from NPR here. janabozeman
  • Just Do It
    A special post from a very special young lady, my cousin Katie, who is celebrating her "Gotchya Date" tomorrow. I helped Kate create this QuoteofGratitude for her room last week. I think they are such wise words from a girl that is only eleven.  May we all step into this week embracing that which we love to do...even if it's scary!  I love you Katie!!! You two are an inspiration to eryveone in all ways. Both my wife Julie and myself aspire to be in your position sometime soon. Is it a big leap. Yup. but a leap of faith none the less.We as well want to give back to our community .thx for being there janabozeman
  • Lucky Tennessee Williams
    He may not have been Irish, but Tennesse Williams had one of the best takes on luck going.  Happy St. Patty's Day! janabozeman
  • Spring Will Come
    With the passing of February and the arrival of March, I can't help but feel like spring is literally underfoot. Just as the earth seems to be percolating with possibility, so too does my heart as once again the quiet introspection of winter begins to give way to spring.  janabozeman

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