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Notes on Minnesota

Read notes, thoughts and cards from people regarding Minnesota, filed under the topics, Minnesota, Thank You Note Example, and Gratitude Project.

  • Simple As Something Jack Johnson
    Dear Jack, As you probably know, there are a lot of Jack Johnsons in this world - some better known than others - but all important in their own right. In a way, I suppose this Random Note of Gratitude is for all of them, but it is landing in your hands specifically. For what it’s worth coming from a woman you don’t know, I would like to say thanks for being you Jack and having your experience here on planet Earth. I can only guess at what it all means, but I do think it is very meaningful. So for fighting the good fight and showing up every day, you have my gratitude Jack. All the best,Jana janabozeman
  • Born For the Job Michael Fox
    Dear Michael, Even though you are probably thinking it’s a little bit odd that you are reading the words of a woman you don’t know, words written specifically to you, I hope you are smiling nonetheless. One of the best things going for me is my quirkiness. When met with my desire to put something good out into the world, however small that gesture might be, Random Notes of Gratitude was born. So, for the best things going for you, for the parts you like most about yourself, and especially for the parts you don’t, I would like to say, "Thank you Michael in Minnesota!!!” Thank you for being unique, imperfect, beautiful you! You were born for the job and no one else could do it quite like you! With love and gratitude,Jana janabozeman
  • Happy August Minnesota Edna
    Dear Edna, Happy August and Happy “Random Notes of Gratitude” Wednesday!!! Once a week, for 21 of them now, I have been reaching out to a stranger to say thank you for being you! It’s true I don’t know you, but I feel quite certain that no one can do you quite like you do! So pause for a moment, dear Edna, and enjoy how magnificent and beautiful you are! May it make you smile that a woman in Santa Monica is sending you love and gratitude for all the ways you make a difference. The very thought that it might make you smile, makes me smile – so thanks for that also! Warmest regards,Jana janabozeman

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