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Party Like A Pilgrim Plymouth Patricia

By janabozeman

Dear Patricia,

It seems only fitting that the day before Thanksgiving my weekly Random Note of Gratitude should be sent to a woman living in Plymouth, MA. Though the origins of the holiday may be in dispute one thing is certain - it’s a time each year when we gather with friends and loved ones and take stock of and celebrate all that we have to be thankful for. Though this note will arrive after the holiday, I will be sending you specifically – a woman I don’t know – love and gratitude. Gratitude for the mean pumpkin pie you might have made, gratitude for all the ways you show up in your life and reach out to others, gratitude for your beautiful smile, and gratitude for the dreams you dream and hold dear to your heart. Plymouth is blessed by your existence – this world is blessed by your existence and it wouldn’t be the same without you Patricia! Thank you – may you be filled with joy, light, and love this holiday season!

With gratitude,

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