Random Notes of Gratitude Email_cover

Random Alabama Aubrey Gratitude

By janabozeman

Dear Aubrey

After randomly selecting your name, I am sending you this Random Note of Gratitude to say Happy Spring and more importantly, thanks for being you! Life can be challenging, busy, and downright hard sometimes…fortunately, it’s also quite beautiful. So for doing your part to make the world a little better - whatever that may look like - and for smiling even when the going gets tough, you have my heartfelt gratitude Aubrey.

All the best,

handwritten thank you note example

I had a little help from random-name-generator.info and whitepages.com coming up with Aubrey's name.  If you know someone that could use  a Random Note of Gratitude email me their address at jana@randomnotesofgratitude.com and I will drop a note in the mail!