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Rebekah DiMartino Love Letter

By janabozeman

Rebekah Gregory DiMartino Inspired Random Note of Gratitude

Pretty much all of us have heard about the incredible journey of Rebekah Gregory DiMartino, who survived the Boston Marathon Bombing 18 months ago.  Just this past week, she decided to amputate her left leg after numerous surgeries.  A girl after my own heart, she wrote a break up letter to her leg via her FB page.  You can read it here and a little more about her journey here. You have inspired a Random Note of Gratitude to another woman who shares your name Rebekah! You are an absolute light and I wish you all the best!

Dear Rebekah,

You share the same name as another incredible woman who has been in the news of late – a young lady who decided to amputate her leg 18 months after surviving the Boston Marathon bombing. Her sense of humor and passion for life in the face of such tremendous adversity is nothing short of amazing and she is the inspiration for this Random Note of Gratitude. I don’t know you Rebekah, but I feel quite certain you are amazing in your own right and have a story all your own. For being who you are and showing up in your life every day, you have my gratitude!

All the best,

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