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Safe Haven for The Bozeman Children

By janabozeman

Who are the people that made a difference in your childhood?

For me it was our family's good friends Lyle and Judy Elwood.  I have so many memories of being at their home, especially when things were tense at my own home.  There was something that was incredibly cathartic about reflecting on the past and sending this Random Note of Gratitude to them.

Dear Lyle and Judy,

Just a little random note of gratitude… I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the people who made a difference in my formative years, and I would be remiss if I didn’t thank the two of you. More than once you provided safe haven for the Bozeman children when the shit was hitting the fan or Jana’s throw-up was hitting Judy’s shirt as the case may be. The images I have of hanging out at your home in Longmont as a kid will be seared in my memory forever and they conjure up a feeling of safety and acceptance. I realize now how much I, and undoubtedly my family, needed that. I am so grateful to you both for providing it and for your love and support throughout the years.

With lots of love,

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The Random Note of Gratitude inspired by Lyle here.

The Random Note of Gratitude inspired by Judy here.


Judy And Lyle



Lyle And Judy