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Sydney Bristow Gratitude Alias

By janabozeman

Dear Sydney,

Sometimes the inspiration for my Random Notes of Gratitude is a bit unusual. I have chosen you for no other reason than you share the name of one of my favorite television characters, Sydney Bristow from Alias. True, she’s the stuff of make believe, but there is no denying she kicked ass and took care of business. I’m guessing your life looks quite different than that of an undercover CIA agent, but I have no doubt that you get things done in your own right. Hollywood plotlines are exciting, but they actually don’t compare to the day in and day out grit it takes to live a life well. For showing up each and every day in your life and for being a hero to those that love you most, I send you my gratitude!

All the best,

Image of Sydney Bristow Inspired random note of gratitude

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