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Talents + Dreams + Aspirations = Ivana In Delaware RNG #31

By janabozeman

Dear Ivana,

You hold in your hands, A Random Note of Gratitude, my weekly expression of thanks to a woman I may not know but with whom I suspect I share more in common than not. I hope that it is abundantly clear to you how absolutely perfect you are, but in case it isn’t allow me to tell you now. You are amazing Ivana!!! Your talents, dreams, hopes, and aspirations all add up to the sum total of what is so unique and special about you. I have no doubt that all the little things you do to shine your light have made a huge difference in the lives of those that surround you and I express my gratitude to you for sharing your gifts. You have so much ahead of you – may you live a fiercely brilliant life Ivana and always love who you are!

With love and gratitude,

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