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Valerie Harper Inspired Gratitude

By janabozeman

Better late than never...it seems a handful of Random Notes of Gratitude didn't get posted to the site so I am getting them up now! Here's RNG #53 that went out in March 2013.

Happy Spring Valerie in Indiana!

Many years ago, when I had just moved to LA, I met Valerie Harper and her dear friend Sue while waiting tables at a California Pizza Kitchen. I remember thinking, “What would I say to her or ask her if I was brave enough to do so?” I guess I didn’t have to be, for unprompted they said, “We are dying to know where are you from? We think you grew up on a ranch with a big family in Idaho!” That wasn’t exactly the case but it started a conversation that I will never forget and am grateful I had. That those two women took the time to engage with me in that fashion made an indelible impression. How we treat others, how we connect with them, says so much about who we are. They were classy, kind, and real. In light of Ms. Harper’s courageous announcement that she has terminal cancer, these two women have been on my mind and my heart goes out to both of them – I’m sure that their friendship and love for each will be an enormous comfort during this incredibly painful and challenging time. Inspired by Valerie and Sue, I send this Random Note of Gratitude to you Valerie, thanking you for the class act you have been and for the ways you show up for your family and friends. Perhaps you have even made the day of some stranger you came across along the way, simply for seeing and acknowledging her. For all of this and for being who you are, you have my gratitude. May your heart bloom with happiness like springtime all around you!


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