Random Notes of Gratitude Email_cover

Yes Indeedy Dandy Henry

By janabozeman

Dear Henry,

This, my weekly Random Note of Gratitude, is perhaps a little bit more unusual than usual this time around. I always send these notes to a stranger, sometimes inspired by someone I know, sometimes inspired by someone I don’t know, sometimes inspired by the sheer madness of my beloved brain and the random names it comes up with. Though you are indeed a stranger to me, you feel like a bit more… You see, this particular note can be attributed to the genius of Google, which put you on my radar when I did some convoluted search on narcissism about a year and a half ago. I devoured your blog, therapyisdandy.com, and check it often for new posts. Know that your knowledge and perspective offered comfort and insight to me at a time I desperately needed them. You have such a way with words Henry - your sense of humor, caring, and humanity truly shine through. No doubt, your blog like your practice is a labor of love and sustained effort. Your effort is appreciated and it does make a difference. You are dandy indeed Henry and for that you have my random gratitude!

Warmest regards,

picture of Hendry Cameron inspired Random Note of Gratitude