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YOU Are Constant Rosanna in Philly RNG #44

By janabozeman

Dear Rosanna,

You hold in your hands a Random Note of Gratitude! It’s a weekly note I send expressing gratitude and appreciation to a woman I don’t know, but really it’s an expression of love for life and for my fellow humans. I sometimes forget how precious all this is, but this simple weekly gesture helps me remember. Though you are a stranger to me Rosanna, another Rosanna – a good friend and solid woman – seems to be having a rough week and has inspired the content of this RNG. I hope that you aren’t, but life trips us all up sometimes. So should you find yourself not feeling like yourself somewhere down the road, I want you to know that you are amazing - a stunning being sharing your light as only you can. Good times and bad times ebb and flow, but that essential you is always constant. Thank you for being who you are! May you be blessed with much happiness and joy in the New Year ahead!

With love and gratitude,

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